Sinikka Nogelo


Artist Statement

For me, all life experience is a possible visual expression and the making of art is a life-long journey of experimentation and discovery.

As a painter I can find a beginning from just the sheer joy of putting paint to canvas and seeing what develops. My work is abstract, contemporary, and intuitive. It can be simple, based on fundamentals such as color and composition. It can be complex, rooted in natural elements or personal symbols to express surroundings, thoughts and feelings. It can be experimental with objects added to canvases, or the canvas itself configured in unusual, sculptural ways.

As the maker of three dimensional art, my concentration has been on environmental statements. Wall pieces made from plastic recyclables and found objects highlight the huge, ocean gyres that are so harmful to water and life. Those made of metallic materials, such as parts of cans washed up on our shores, speak of littering. And sculptural installations such as my 2016 piece, outdoors at Maudslay State Park, made of wood and shredded paper, speak of prudent use of natural resources.


Contemporary painter Sinikka Nogelo lives and works in Gloucester, MA. She is an active participant and exhibitor at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center in Gloucester; at Newburyport Art Association with the Abstract Artists Group of New England; and with the Experimental Artists Group of Rockport Art Association. She currently serves on the City of Gloucester Cultural Council, and in prior years, has been a founder of a cooperative gallery, community volunteer, and television professional. Her documentary, "The Folly Cove Designers," has been part of an exhibit at The Cape Ann Museum.

An alumna of Tufts University, Sinikka went on to study painting and design at Montserrat School of Art (now Montserrat College) in Beverly, MA, where she was influenced by Oliver Balf and Barbara Moody. Other major influences were geographic and cultural: a childhood spent in Finland, and two years in Africa in her twenties.

Sinikka maintains a studio at Gloucester's Cripple Cove and welcomes visitors during the Cape Ann Artisans Studio Tours in June and October, as well as by appointment.